Just some random pictures, and me and work.


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This is the cube I spend my days in.  It is the test unit for the Laser Guidance system I work on.

Here I helping put on an ECU. (environmental control unit)

posewithgun.jpg (26300 bytes) Here I am with an M-16 outside of a bunker.

sniper.jpg (28785 bytes) I am on top of a bunker in the sniper position. "Let`em come"

watch.jpg (22363 bytes) I am standing watch on top of the bunker.

engines.jpg (28305 bytes) Here is a picture of 2 engines from a crashed A-10.

cras1h.jpg (30061 bytes) Here is a picture of me standing in front of the left over pieces from the crash bird.

pieces of jet.jpg (32952 bytes) Just another picture of the crash bird.

tailsection.jpg (18993 bytes) Here is my buddy Shawn standing in front of the Tail section of the airplane.

f18-2.jpg (16801 bytes) Some F-18's waiting for take-off.

f18.jpg (16125 bytes) Just a picture of me standing out with the F-18's

taxi-f-18.jpg (16728 bytes) F-18 taxing by.

takeoff-f-18.jpg (12616 bytes) F-18 taking-off.

f-16.jpg (15823 bytes) Here are some F-16's is the background waiting for take-off.

c-5.jpg (10164 bytes) Here is a C-5 Galaxy right after take-off, these things really look like they should not be able to fly.

snow.jpg (25831 bytes) Here is a picture of the snow coming down outside my dorm.