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Just being silly.

Sky Diving Pictures

I went sky diving while I was in Dallas Jan `03



My friends Don and Mike, I made a trip down to Phoenix, AZ to see them.  I was stationed in South Carolina with Mike, and in South Korea with Don.

Here are some pictures from a mission in California I visited.




   Here I am at Laguna Beach.

Another hard day at work. :)

This is me on Halloween 2002, that is just some sexy nurse I found to take a picture with.


Above are some of the Costume contest contestants.

  This picture here is the inside of an Excursion limousine, it is kind of hard to see, but that is what it is.

Just a picture if me while I was in Oklahoma heading back to Vegas.

Here is my buddy Dave from North Carolina, he stopped over for some cold beer and hot food.  It was some good food to. 

dealgap.jpg (41932 bytes)    This is in Deal's Gap in North Carolina with my buddy "ROD", we were there to "Slay the Dragon".  Deal's Gap in a famous place to ride motorcycles, 318 curves in 11 miles we had a awesome time.

 keith&kevin.jpg (28015 bytes)    This was New Year 2001, this is my buddy Kevin, we will be tearing up Las Vegas together in June.   "Viva Las Vegas"

chapange.jpg (27928 bytes)    Well what can I say, this is New Years

Don't ask she is just plain crazy.

meandsully.jpg (19518 bytes)      This picture was taken of me and by buddy Sully, he has left the rock, Live on.

cha-cha.jpg (28996 bytes)    Me and my dance partner Karin, she left in January and is now back in the states.  We were doing a little cha-cha.

louie.jpg (15668 bytes)     My best friend Louie, he is my roommate and Korea, and we will be going to Las Vegas very soon, we cannot wait to leave get there.

dress1.jpg (12852 bytes)     Me getting all dressed up. Don't tell anybody.

dress2.jpg (10605 bytes)    Just put on more clothes.

dress3.jpg (32208 bytes) Well here is the finished product, I had this suit tailor made in Korea. 

chemgear.jpg (19759 bytes)    This one was taken during an excercise, I was guarding, my Taco Bell with an M-16.

chemgear2.jpg (23824 bytes)    I shot this guy for trying to take my Taco Bell. " Bang Bang SUCKER"



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