Welcome to my Lake World.




Being silly below Hoover Dam

I may not have the Fastest boat, but you see where everyone ends up at the end of the day, and yes those are speakers on the Tower..

Here are some pictures from the PowellFest.  Lake Powell, Utah

  Of Course some Havasu pictures

Mission bay in San Diego, what a beautiful day.




Here are my babies!!!!  Just feed them lots of Unleaded and they run like a champ.

Here is my boat "Hauling Ass"


Jarrod's Boat

Some new wakeboarding pics.

We have some crazy Tube riding wake Jumping, check out the pictures.

Here are the POKER-RUN pictures, the event was put on by LASVEGASHOTBOATS.COM. May 5, 2003

Here is the boat I would like to have some day.

Here is the gathering in the cove.

  look how smooth the water was on the river.

Gotta love these Hoover Dam pictures.

Check this "Ride" out


Take a look at these, only in Vegas, now isn't this funny.  A limo towing a boat.

Here I am on a cold day, it was the first week in December.


Below is what we call "PropSurfing" you use a rope about 10 feet behind the boat and ride the large wave right behind the boat.

Here is a wake boarding picture.

Just thought I would add another one.

Here are some pictures of Kevin and I on the slalom ski.   NICE CUT!


Just partying on the back of the boat.


This is where 3 of us were skiing behind my buddy Jerrod's boat.


And here is Jarrod.

Don't ask, I am sure you can figure it out.

Not exactly sure what was going on here, just a funny face I guess.

Here I am at the helm of my new boat.

Here is Kevin at the lake.

Nothing like a Lake Mead Sunset.