My Contributions to Osama Bin Laden

This page will be updated as often as I receive more pictures, it keeps growing every day.  Thanks to all of those that have sent pictures.

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This man is ready to kick some ASS.


Just imagine this happening to you.

Dangerous people

Take a look out the window.


Oh ya, take this.

Dive Dive Dive!!!!!

I dare you go ahead.

talsingles.gif (111263 bytes) How about some Talibian Ladies?

BinSHT.jpg (40975 bytes) Keep cleaning

StealthFighter1.jpg (45630 bytes) Anyone seen my plane, glad it rained today.

bushcan.jpg (33009 bytes)

piss_on_him.jpg (21550 bytes) Somebody taught this kid to aim well.

priceless.jpg (80706 bytes) To bad the freak did not catch on fire first.


Can he guess the right answer?

flagstillthere.gif (185943 bytes) The flag is still there.

VisitingFriends_1.jpg (44442 bytes) Would you let them set up camp in your back yard?  Picture finally fixed.

teletubbis.jpg (84351 bytes)

bomb.jpg (81847 bytes) I wonder where he will throw that?

toss.jpg (50005 bytes) Ya, they won that one.

plane.jpg (26475 bytes) Take a look at in the background of this picture, can it be real?

milk.jpg (47418 bytes) He even made it to the carton.

sleepinggiant.jpg (45222 bytes)

Even the toon's want a piece.

711.jpg (15754 bytes) Was he working here?

mirror.jpg (31357 bytes) Osama better keep an eye on his backdoor!!!!  Look in the mirror.

coastguard.jpg (79090 bytes) There pulling out all the stops here.

mantirn.jpg (34197 bytes) Talk about weapons cutbacks.

Not sure what to say about this one.

Is this priceless?

Want to see the weather forcast for Afghanistan?

Nothing like getting ready for a little war.

  He can Hide and we will seek!!!!!

eagle.jpg (69090 bytes) Dinner anyone?

Have you seen this guy?

Just give us time and you will get yours.

If he only knew.

This sounds like a great service.

Check out the new lake, anyone for wake boarding?

Looks like a big middle finger there.

I really like this picture. It gives me chills.

Wait till he gets a-hold of this one.