My "ToYs" Album!! "Boys Don't Grow up, There "tOyS" Just Get Biggggger!!!

Just some pictures of my TOYS!!!
These are the most exciting things I have ever owned!!!

Click on image for larger view.

Current Toys


Here is my super Jeep, it is a 1991 Wrangler with way to many mods to list.


1994 Suzuki RF900R, I found this one for sale and had to have another one.  I really enjoyed this bike when I owned a similar one before.  I have made a few small changes, and added a Corbin seat.  What a life saver on the back side.


This is really the only picture I have of my Dodge truck.  The mazda is loaded ready to deliver to its new owner.  The Dodge has grown up since this picture, but I will have to start another page to cover that.  Lets just say it is really really fun to blow smoke all over those noisy rice burners.  This truck is really powerful and really fast with the modifications I have done.  I wish I could leave well enough alone, but I can't.

Here is my 1991 VX 800, it is a very nice riding bike, besides that I got a really good deal on it.


This is my 1997 Maxum 2000SRL.  It has a Mercrusier 5.7ltr I/O.

Inside View

Close up of the cockpit, I bet my dad would like to sit here.

Hey dad, you see the big 5.7 on that out drive? Talk about power BABY!!!!

I think it makes my truck a little small, I guess I will have to get a bigger one sooner or later.

My dad bought me this toolbox for my B-day, so I had to throw on a picture for him.

To many toys, not enough time.

Here is my "Z" car, it is a 1989 300ZX, it is my daily driver to work in back, it is fun to drive.



Here is her name.

Here is my Speedster all cleaned up.

Take a look at those brand new seats.

This is a picture on the way to Lake Mead, I was moving a friends dirt bike for him, so we dropped it off on the way.

This is me replacing the motor in my boat, what a pain in the ass.

Still working on this dam motor.

Me on the back of my boat at Lake Havesu, what a weekend!!!!!

This is a picture of my friend Chris at the campsite on Lake Havesu, with my little Speedster.

This my roommate and I Cruising in the Colorado River.

This is my truck loaded for my move to Las Vegas.

boat1.jpg (46812 bytes)  This is a picture of a 1995 Seadoo Speedster, this one is not mine, but looks identical. Such a sweet boat, nothing like cruising across the water at 50+ mph, I love it.

Nothing like doing donuts in a full size boat.

cockpit.jpg (23656 bytes) A cockpit view.

boat on trailer.jpg (25322 bytes) Here is my Speedster all cleaned up

stump copy.jpg (43199 bytes) My 1997 Jeep Wrangler

Jeepinsnow.jpg (32408 bytes) This is my 1997 Jeep Wrangler! Damn I love this thing!!!!
I had to sell it do to my tour to korea. My Jeep was a 1997 Jeep Wrangler with 3in. Black Diamond lift kit, 34in. Super Swamper TSL tires, K&N airfilter, Cobra DX19 cb, SmittyBuilt nerf bars, KC offroad lights. For sound I had a JVC CD player, 2-10in. Premier subs, Orion acoustics with 400 watts of power. Such a sweet ride, one day I will have another one.

jeepinlot.jpg (27356 bytes) Another picture of my Jeep before modifications.

bike.jpg (22340 bytes) 1995 Suzuki RF900R

wheelie1.jpg (23375 bytes) Suzuki RF900R SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 127 HP on 2 wheels, talk about a rush. My only confession is this thing goes "REAL" fast.
This was taken of me in North Carolina at Deal's Gap, one of the most popular places in the world to ride 318 curves in 11 miles.

This was my 1995 Yamaha Seca 600, I only had it for a short time before I sold it to buy my RF900R.